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A week ago, I discovered Tracks, a web-based application that expands on the checklist concept we are all familiar with.  The functionality is inspired on the book, “Getting Things Done” by David Allen.

There are many checklists available.  For example, GMail includes a simple task list that crosses out things if they’re clicked on.  37signals even has one called the Ta-da list.  The only limitation is that they are simple checklists; add tasks, checkmark them and that’s it!

Tracks does that and allows the user to separate them into categories, add due dates, defer tasks to future dates, create project groups and even collect statistics and display them using flash-based charts and graphs.

Overall, I see this as something I will be using in the long run.  I don’t have a central place for storing things to do and I this can put them all together.  It’s free and it can be used locally on a PC (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) or on a web server that supports Ruby on Rails.  I’d recommend it to anyone who is not currently using anything to keep track of tasks such as Outlook’s calendar or any other form of e-mail reminders.

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