cloud computing clusters

Cloud Computing Clusters

After setting up the servers and tinkering around a bit, I wanted to set up my personal blog.

To be honest, this isn’t even my first blog.  Ever since I discovered Livejournal back in my high school days, I’ve always been writing about random things online.  The idea of a new format where anyone can write about just about anything appeals to anyone.  I just wrote about anything.  For some reason, I never stayed dedicated to any of them.  It’s hard to find time to dedicate years to writing about stuff.  I’m not a celebrity or anyone else famous; just a tech-savvy guy who wants to be a multi-billionaire someday.

With this being the first post, I don’t want to write my life story or about what I want to write about in the future.  This is just one of those “first posts” where I just talk about the blog in general.

When I graduated from Sheridan College, I started to notice that people who have been working in strong IT position have personal blogs, which helps them write towards a specific audience and even reveal some things about their work that I had no idea about.  I’m not sure if I’ll pull that off instantly, but at least I have a blog where I can write about whatever I want.

So, that’s my first post in a nutshell.  At the same time, I’m working with new technologies.  I remember when I used to type up entire HTML pages in notepad and manually add links.  Oh, how we’ve evolved in this past century.

Cloud Computer photo by jimluce: