Okay, so all the stuff I wanted to do with cloud computing isn’t going to happen.  There was so much I wanted to do with it but with other stuff going on, I have to put it aside for now.

Hosting a single blog using Amazon EC2 isn’t very practical; it’s lightning-fast and expensive! I had to move this blog to a more affordable service to keep more cash in my pocket.

Since you are reading this, the move has been successful and the blog remains the same. I didn’t have to spend hours reconfiguring everything. The only difference is the host. I won’t lie; I felt stress since I don’t move to new servers everyday. It was definitely a challenge. The first thing I did was make a copy of my wordpress folder and MySQL database. In addition, I had to change my nameservers to point at DreamHost. It took me a while to get used to their control panel for setting this up. With the help of George from the online chat, I was able to set this up and in the end, everything started to work.

Also, I’ve noticed that Google’s DNS servers still have the old IP address for my blog but that should be resolved within 48 hours. In summary, it was a great learning experience and I’m saving money.