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Now that I ride the train on a regular basis, I am being accustomed to its scheduling, arriving early and squeezing through the doors to find a seat.  It takes good practice to take a nap and wake up early enough to get off at the right stop.

I always hear people talk, which is normal.  Sometimes people can talk so loud that I have no choice but to listen to what is being said.  There was a man and a woman that was sitting across from me.  They appeared slightly older than I was.  Both of them were discussing relationships and what kind of shows they like.  The girl said something that gave me a quick flashback:

“I had a boyfriend who really loved The Simpsons and it irritated me.  That’s why we’re not together anymore.”

- Unknown woman

Would you think I’m crazy if I said I’ve heard other women say that too? Keep in mind, I really don’t know how much this particular person loved the show; for all I know, he could live in a near-perfect replica of the Simpson’s house.

Believe it or not, I have heard more than one woman admit that they had a boyfriend that loved The Simpsons and it was a factor in their relationship ending.  And guess how many of these girls happened to love Friends?

I just kept thinking about this.  The Simpson’s is a family show, isn’t it?  It’s one of the many TV shows I watched while growing up; I really loved the Halloween specials.  It’s full of good writing and anytime somebody says “Remember in The Simpsons when…”, it begins a face-off about who can recall the funniest moment in show.

I admit that I don’t watch it anymore; mainly because I’ve been so busy with personal stuff and that I enjoy older episodes more than the newer episodes.

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It’s hard to explain why it’s so funny.  The show even makes fun of its own broadcasting company, Fox. Even though it is a family show, they have used words such as “bitch”, “damn” and “hell”.  Keep in mind, those words are used in a humorous manner and not used to put anyone down.


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I’m not trying to convince anyone to watch The Simpsons; from my personal experience, I haven’t been successful on getting someone hooked on a show that I happen to like.

Really, I’m just asking: Is there something about The Simpsons that puts women off?  I’m sorry if that sounds sexist.  I know if I tell people that I don’t watch Friends, I’ll get the evil eye.

It’s hard for me to explain why I love The Simpsons, older episodes in particular.  Homer reminds me of how lazy I can be sometimes and how valuable simplicity really is.

In summary, I don’t think The Simpsons appeals to a specific gender.  It just shocks me that I’ve heard more than one woman say they’ve had a boyfriend who loved The Simpsons and it drove them mad.  Maybe I should end this post with this:  Don’t judge someone based solely on a show they watch.