I woke up this morning on Boxing Day and I must say that I had one of the most fascinating dreams I have ever had.  It was video game related and it was full of action, but it was strange.

I dreamt about playing a video game!  I felt like I’ve played it before.  I remember I was a playing a GameCube game but the experience was so unreal that I forgot everything and I was so immersed into this game.  It was like I was literally inside of the game.  But here is the part that is messed up:  The character in the game in my dream was a girl, a very beautiful one.  It felt like Grant Theft Auto with the violence, action, realism and being in a large city crowded with people.  She was trying to save someone who she cared about but I don’t know who.  She had a rocket launcher, pistols and she drove like the world’s greatest stunt driver.  Her fighting style is like Angela Jolie’s character in Salt; she could beat anyone up and every weapon would be at her disposal.  It was crazy.  She blew up cars, shot tons of people wearing ballistic vests and nobody could catch her.  Like I said, it felt like Grand Theft Auto.

I remember popping the disc out of the GameCube and putting it back into its CD case.  The cover was black with the words “Face to Face” in big letters.  I of course, don’t have any games called that and I couldn’t find anything like that.

Dreams happen so fast!  That’s all I remember to be honest.  The rest is just feelings that are hard to describe.  This literally felt like one of the most advanced games ever with the latest tech, animations, big budget and made by the best game developers in the world who made it with love and pride.  There were explosions and just a lot of stuff going on.  She wasn’t some criminal or trying to become a mob boss; she was trying to rescue someone and she would go to great lengths to save this person.

Have you had any crazy dreams lately?