Like I’ve said before, I am a huge fan of The Neptunes, N.E.R.D., Star Trak and just about anything associated with Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo.  Many fans would agree Pharrell gets more camera time than anyone else from Star Trak.  There is a popular quote that I have heard him say a few times during interviews:

“Wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket.”
- Pharrell Williams

At first, I easily agreed with this.  Money is great to have but without things such as happiness, creativity and goals, we’ll never love the life we live.  As I reflected more on his statement, I felt like it is something ironic for him to say; he is a very rich and successful person.

I would consider myself a successful person yet nowhere near Pharrell.  My musical skill is horrible; I’m still poking around with Beaterator on the PSP and my guitar abilities are still on the beginner.  I consistently get my bills paid and whenever I have free time, watch a new movie, play a new game or work on a secret project about something I’d like to pursue in a future career.  What I’m trying to say is that at the moment, money is something I use to pay bills, buy food and just about anything else; there is very little I can do without having to spend some cash.  With that said, I’m not really independent from money; I’ve managed my life well enough so that I usually have something else for myself.

I know a friend of mine who has some of Pharrell’s BBC Ice Cream clothes.  They are fairly expensive and a pair shoes, shirt, sweater or pants can start at $250.  These clothes are a boutique line, so a limited amount of each design is made and each article of clothing is identified with a unique number on the tag (e.g. “47 of 500″).  I read somewhere that someone who doesn’t care about money would buy this to show their support of Pharrell and the brand.  However, I still have not purchased any boutique clothing to this day although someday I would like to.  It’s probably one of my new years resolutions: Update my fashion sense.

With regards to the quote, money is just a man-made resource for fueling the economy to me.  I believe that we do need money and I can be just as happy with $100,000 as I could be with $1 million  The only thing that would change is my spending habits; being happy, growing, achieving goals and doing things that I enjoy would still be my responsibility no matter how much wealth I have.  Also, once the money is gone, I’d lose everything, so if I had $10 million, I’d still have to manage my spending; I could probably live off the interest somehow.

In summary, while I like Pharrell’s statement, I still need money despite my creativity and imagination.  People usually say “money can’t buy happiness” and I think that’s easier to relate to.  I think the point is to still enjoy life and not end up like the many people who become rich and die from drug overdoses or other things that stem form depression.

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