Recently, I’ve been thinking about what I want in a relationship.  What if I told you if you told me to be “honest, true, straight-to-the-point and not hold back on the answer and I’ll still respect you” about this and I’d tell you?  I’m not saying that I have any controversial to say or anything like that.

Are my intentions really questionable?  My point is, it’s not exactly a secret, is it?  I haven’t seen any statistics about this stuff and I think we could come up with some kind of answer that satisfies both sides.  I guess some would blame the media, but if I’m not alone then it’s okay to believe the things that I believe, right?  I’m not trying to rob a bank or anything like that?

I’ve been thinking about how much time I spend listening to people talk version the other way around.  I don’t mind being quiet or deadpan.  Is there honor in acting a certain way and never being remembered for what I’ve done?  I could do or say something really silly, I get laughed at and people will forget about me if a moment.  I mean, if people remember most of the crazy things I’ve done, I’d have an entirely different impression on people.

How many meetings have I been to where I have nothing to say and the topic usually has nothing to do with me?  I’ll tell you a story about it.  I actually fell asleep in a meeting and I was caught; I sat on my chair with my arms on the armrests.  I sat up as straight as I could and I slowly shut my eyes.  It was an awesome moment.  I was about to fly into Dream Land.  My boss woke me up and people chuckled at me.  The next morning, my boss spoke to me and told me that it’s important for me to stay awake and continue to make a good impression.  He gave me a story about when he was in university, he was a class with hundreds of people and the teacher woke him up and shouted “YOU! WAKE UP!”.  I mentioned that the meeting really had nothing to do with me and it was longer than its scheduled time.  He agreed that meetings are boring and said that he’d keep me out of meetings in the future.  There were some benefits.  For one thing, I had time to do more work and I was more available.