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Black & Gold Premium Plastic Playing Cards

Black & Gold Premium Plastic Playing Cards

Black & Gold Premium Plastic Playing Cards

This pack of 2 decks of playing cards (one black, one gold, CDN $9.89) is made of 100% plastic. This gives the advantage of being more flexible, easier to clean because they are waterproof, do not split apart like paper cards and do not crease easily. Despite the evolution of games over the years, a deck of playing cards is still a popular item to carry around when playing a quick game with friends and family anywhere.

Link: Black & Gold Premium Plastic Playing Cards, Set of 2, Poker Size Deck (Standard Index)

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The World’s Most Expensive Hard Drive!

Fusion ioDrive (160 - 640 GB)

Fusion ioDrive (160 – 640 GB)

The Fusion ioDrive ($1,355,999.99 for 640GB) is not your average hard drive. It is designed to utilize the speed provided by PCI Express, which exceeds SATA speeds. The target audience is enterprise servers that need serious speed.

The 640 GB drive had a read speed of 750 MB/s and a read speed of 550 MB/s. That’s right: MB as in “Mega + Bytes”!

Before you start saving up for such an investment of a hard drive, it is not compatible with all motherboards with a PCIex4 slot. The motherboard must support PCIe drives; this is not a common feature for motherboards.

Read the manual before considering this seven-figure purchase!


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