I was listening to the radio again. I know I mention avoiding it more than once and sometimes I just can’t help it. With February 14 less than two weeks away, the discussion of love and sex is unavoidable. To be honest, it’s always the same stories, whether it’s “chivalry is dead” or “40% of women/men __________”.

Anyways, I heard a rant on the radio about teens and high school. I don’t think the article is worth mentioning because the subject has been discussed so many times. It’s one of those “Too many women are _____” and “Not enough men are ______” or “Boys need to ____”, “What girls really want is ______” types of issues. We’ve all heard them.

High School

To be honest, I don’t think people remember their time in high school. It’s certainly nothing like movies and TV, I’ll give you that; not even close; not even 5%! I remember when I finished elementary school, I wasn’t sure if I still needed a bag because I never saw anyone in Saved by the Bell with backpacks. I took public transportation to and from home.

I was never popular in high school. Sure, bullying was an issue for me and I found ways to avoid it, live with it, deal with it and accept it. I didn’t have many “friends” if I could call them that; more like acquaintances. I didn’t spend a lot of time talking to people outside of school; I was just so busy with homework; I could never find anything in common with anyone. It was too easy to get laughed at if I said something wrong. I had no knowledge of cars whatsoever; if I saw a Prius and a Mazda 3 drive by, I wouldn’t recognize their makes and models unless I read the backs of the cars quick enough.

Star Trek and Other Nerdiness

Yes, I watched Star Trek and I actually liked Enterprise. Unfortunately, I could never talk about it with anyone. People would say something like “Yeah, I watched an episode of Star Trek… when I was FIVE!”. I don’t know why, but when I started high school, my grades were horrible: 50s, 60s and some 70s. I loved winging it. As I reached Grade 11 and 12, I took school more seriously and actually finished Grade 12 with honors; my overall average for Grade 12 was over 80%. Needless to say, I was a very weird person.

Men Will Always Fear Women

Call it what you want (gynophobia, caligynophobia, venustraphobia, horror feminae). Sure, I tried to act like the ladies’ man with great failure. Back then, I had no idea how guys were able to pick up these wonderful girls back in high school. It was magic to me. I can build a PC from scratch and yet I struggled to talk to a single girl and I knew damn well I wasn’t the only one either. When I did talk to a girl, they would brush me off or make an excuse and say they “have to go” or just point out they “have a boyfriend”. Sometimes, they would even forget my name. In this society, girls expect men to make the first move. Bottom line! Someone once told me, “girls can wait forever”, but that’s another story. Making those steps to talk to a girl back in high school was terrifying. I could finish my homework twice before I build up the courage to talk to a girl.

First Girlfriend

My first girlfriend was in high school. We just kept meeting frequently and we had so much in common; she didn’t watch Star Trek, but it was so easy for me to talk to her. We dated for two months and the relationship ended. It just died and I was so busy with personal stuff and it just ended. Nothing dramatic. After high school, we never spoke again or seen each other. It’s awkward to write about and I don’t know if she would even remember me. It took guts to get as far as I did. And that’s just as much as I can write about without getting too personal.


With all the heated Valentine’s discussions about teens and high school, people should take a step back and think about what high school was REALLY like for them before saying anything. Life was hard back then and it is now. The pressure for good grades, being happy and getting sleep can drive anyone insane. Yes, I believe society separates roles for boys and girls. There are many “walks of life” and I think people’s opinions and beliefs should be respected within reason (e.g. burning down someone’s house is still wrong). Some high school discussions I’ve heard have gotten out of hand. Yes, there are a lot of teens out there and they’re not as dangerous and flamboyant as people claim. Their portrayal in TV is completely over-exaggerated. But then again, I’m single, never been married and have no children. :D

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